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The Center for Due Diligence's October 22-24, 2012 Advisor Conference, Outcomes Based Consulting, Higher Margins & Increased Efficiency, is the premier education and networking event for the retirement plans advisory industry. The must attend event includes two and one-half days of unmatched value and exclusive growth solutions. Completing the transition from advisor to consultant is essential because positive outcomes are the path to increased market share. Given the weak economy, challenging investment conditions, a mature retirement plans market, compliance burdens, increased competition, the inability to differentiate, margin pressure and increased demands, advisors must participate in consolidation, diversify, develop higher margin business and improve efficiency through scalable solutions. CFDD '12's unbiased guidance will illuminate the path, elevate your practice and put money in your pocket.
CFDD 2012 Advisor Conference - Register Here

Conference Overview

Known as the King of Content, the CFDD's broad, diverse and bottom-up agenda remains at the top of the food chain. The fifty different breakout sessions are populated by the industry’s most sought after speakers and accomplished advisors.

Given that advisors cannot participate in consolidation without influencing positive outcomes, differentiating with a more holistic approach and reducing risk through good governance, CFDD ’12 will focus on these primary themes.

In addition to seven blockbuster keynotes, nine sessions populated by the industry’s premier ERISA attorneys and four sessions conducted by prestigious independent research firms, the agenda will include a track of sessions on the nonprofit markets and Target Date Funds (TDFs).

An Evolving Industry

Target-Date mutual fund assets have grown to more than $425 billion in a short period, but asset allocation style funds of all stripes are already in excess of $1 trillion. While these asset allocation solutions are expected to more than double in the next five years and become the dominant investment category, TDF due diligence is seriously lacking.

Given the consolidation of DC plan assets by TDFs, advisors must become TDF experts and asset allocation specialists. To help advisors gain an edge, CFDD '12 will provide guidance on TDF strategies, product evolution, evaluation and custom solutions.

Traditional analytics and MPT are not suited for TDF evaluation. To enhance analytic skills and advance the industry, CFDD '12's pre-conference TDF analytic training will provide hands-on exposure to the newest and soon to be enhanced online tools used to evaluate TDFs, including PIMCO’s new RealPath glide path analyzer, the Target-Date Tool Set by Allianz Global Investors and JP Morgan's Target-Date Compass tool.

Added Value

As the only conference that focuses on advisor best practices, practical product applications and new growth strategies, no other conference can match the CFDD’s value, rich content, CE credits and advisor attendance. Our audience continues to expand and over 400 accomplished retirement plan advisors will attend CFDD ’12.

To add value and increase efficiency, the CFDD's Advisor Conference provides a single source solution for unmatched core CE credits, including IMCA, CFP, fi360, ASPPA, NIPA, IBF, CFA, SPARK, The American College, the College for Financial Planning and more. Attendees can also earn the Accredited Investment Fiduciary (AIF®) designation by attending fi360’s discounted pre-conference training.

Attendees further benefit from a fiduciary insurance discount program, a conference CD-ROM and online access to all prior conference presentations, including the audio files. Complimentary food, beverages, snacks and a NASCAR themed Kick-Off Party are all included in the registration fee. Sponsored by Allianz Global Investors, simulated Racecar Gameplay Competition with meaningful cash prizes is also included.

The TIAA-CREF sponsored Grand Prize includes a Daytona 500 Boxseat Package with beachfront accommodations. To qualify for the grand prize and the racecar gameplay competition cash prizes, attendees must stay in the Swissotel.


There is no substitute for face-to-face networking with the “A” team. To expand your business find out what is working from your peers and benefit from business building takeaways, click on the online registration link below. To facilitate practice development, advisors may bring one immediate team member at a discount and spouses may attend without cost.

Agenda Information

Pre-Conference Target-Date Fund Analytic Training
Conference Presentation Materials & Audio Files

As an independent, unbiased and bottom-up organization, the CFDD’s Advisor Conference content has consistently remained at the top of the food chain.

To add value, we have always uploaded and archived the presentation materials from each conference to a secure area of the CFDD’s website. We also supply registered attendees with a CD-ROM of each conference that includes both the presentation materials and the MP3 audio files.

To enhance our already unmatched value proposition, we have uploaded the audio files from CFDD ’11 to the same secure page the presentation materials are archived on. To access the presentation materials and the audio files for CFDD ’11, go directly to:

To create your own password, click on “Request New Password,” enter your email address and follow the simple instructions. You may change your password at any time, but note that the system will only recognize the email address you used to register for the conference. To change your email address, contact the CFDD by phone or email.

Password access to secure areas of the CFDD’s website expires at the end of each year, i.e., 12/31. In other words, exhibitors, advisors and others attendees must register and/or participate in the following year’s conference to maintain access to the conference materials.

To access the presentation materials and the audio files from ALL prior year conferences, click on the appropriate links below.

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